McG is not only a drummer for multiple bands, he’s also the audio engineer equivalent of a Jedi Knight. Basically, if you’re looking for someone to fly your stolen spaceship or manage your audio project, it’s Lane. Back on Earth he mixes in surround and creates sound design that’s the difference between “yeah, that’s pretty good” and “Baby you can fly my Falcon anytime!”.
Super powers: pretty good with Algebra, can float and Captain your boat.


In middle school when the results came back from the career test he’d taken they suggested a career as a…boiler maker. True story. Using that as a guide of what not to do with his life, he became a radio DJ (more fulfilling and less chance to fall into a smelter). Now as an audio engineer at Boutwell he uses his obsession with sound to create memorable soundscapes and mixes that make clients say, “Son!”.
Super Powers: can talk even though no one is listening, voice actor that speaks canine better than English.


On the way to becoming President of Boutwell Studios, Greg surfed the airwaves as half of the morning show duo Greg and Courtney as well as producing segments for the local NPR affiliate with artists such as Mavis Staples, Maya Angelou and Edgar Meyer. When he’s not helping clients with their aural needs he’s strapped with a 6 string and can be heard
yodeling through the studio hallways.
Super powers: Talent whisperer, copy creator, culinarian.


The road called and he heeded. Mark began his audio career running live sound for several bands throughout the southeast, and later recorded many more in his basement studio. Eventually, he got a “real” job as an audio engineer and then technical director at WVTM TV in Birmingham. He joined Boutwell Studios in 1983 and since then has been recording not only music, but some of the most memorable ads and jingles to play through your home and car speakers. Super powers: Loud expressive story teller, personalized license plate.